M4L Devices For Launching Clips And Scenes

US midi-2-the-max releases MXL Clip Control and MXL Scene Control      02/08/22

M4L Devices For Launching Clips And Scenes

midi-2-the-max has released MXL Clip Control and MXL Scene Control, two M4L devices for launching clips and scenes. This is what they have to say about them...

Ableton Live users know they can map clips and scenes to MIDI messages. This standard mapping mechanism, however, is highly impractical when managing a large number of clips. For this reason many musicians prefer using grid-like controllers such as Ableton Push or Novation Launchpad.

MXL Clip Control and MXL Scene Control from midi-2-the-max let you trigger dozens or even hundreds of clips/scenes by using a small portion of your standard MIDI keyboard. You can configure them in a few seconds.

The two devices work in a similar way. You select one single key on your MIDI keyboard as the master activation note: if you keep this key pressed, you can use any other key as a trigger for a clip/scene. For example, if you have a 25-key controller, you can configure the lowest 3 keys to work as activation notes, and the remaining 22 keys to control clips and scenes, for a total of 22*3=66 clips or scenes! Clip and scene activation honors Live's launch quantization settings, thus you never miss a beat.

Even better, you can store these trigger notes in a Live clip or track, and prepare clip sequences as complex as you wish. Or use the Live's Random device to emit a random note to randomize clip sequences. Using the activation note mechanism, you can also mute/unmute clips, select the previous/next scene, trigger or stop the currently selected scene, and more, without having to map a single MIDI message.

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