Yamaha CFX Grand Piano Sampled

US Production Voices releases 300 Grand for Kontakt Player      01/08/22

Production Voices has released 300 Grand, which they describe as a nine-microphone piano sample library recorded in a concert hall.

A spokesperson told us, "300 Grand consists of over 100,000 samples from a Yamaha CFX grand piano formatted for Native Instruments Kontakt Player. The library provides players and producers with an immersive virtual piano experience with the precision and control of a multi-track recording."

Here's more details direct from the company...

The 9 microphone perspectives are capable of close piano sounds through to distant sounds with variable natural hall ambience in both the samples and the release tails depending on the microphones selected. Binaural and ambisonic perspectives are also included, putting the player right at the piano when headphones are used or providing 3D sound respectively.

All the microphone perspectives are user controllable with each channel having its own SSL emulated EQ, compression, volume, pan, and mono select for detailed control that is typically only available within a multi-track recording.

300 Grand exhibits true piano dynamics from the deep sampling of up to 36 velocities per note. The machine-precision sampling provides accurate dynamic response across the entire range of the piano using Production Voices' own velocity curve optimized for weighted controllers resulting in a natural playing experience. Users can select presets with either 16, 20, 24, or 32-36 velocities per note.

From forward sounds to lyrical pianissimos with natural ambience and everything in-between, 300 Grand's selection of microphone perspectives and velocity range provides a unique virtual piano experience that rivals recordings.

300 Grand is compatible with all major DAWs such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Reaper and Logic  and also runs standalone for live performance.


  • 9 microphone perspectives
  • Up to 36 velocities per key
  • Ambisonic 3D sound control
  • 72 GB of samples after lossless compression
  • 24 bit 96k source samples converted to 16 bit 44.1k with GoodHertz conversion
  • Round-robin pedal noise samples with normal and loud settings
  • Sampled key up mechanical noises
  • Sympathetic Resonance
  • Recorded in modern concert hall
  • Lynx Aurora & Apogee A/D converters
  • Premium API, Focusrite ISA 828 and Millennia HV-3D/8 microphone preamps
  • Advanced half-pedal control with catch
  • Native Access installation
  • Full NKS implementation


System Requirements:

  • Fast modern computer (i5 or greater, Apple Silicon)
  • macOS 10.14 or greater
  • Windows 10 or 11
  • 8 GB RAM or greater
  • Up to 171 GB available SSD space for installation (72 GB after installation)

Pricing and Availability:

More information:


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