Bob Moog Foundation Welcomes Tom Oberheim

GB Synth pioneer joins Captains of Industry program for supporters      08/07/22

Bob Moog Foundation Welcomes Tom Oberheim

The Bob Moog Foundation tells us that Tom Oberheim, founder of three electronics companies including Oberheim Electronics, Inc., has joined their Captains of Industry program for supporters. Here's the details in their own words...

"Captains of Industry" like Oberheim and others empower our efforts with a donation of $5000 USD or more annually over a three-year period, helping us grow scientific and technical literacy today, while preserving the electronic instruments of the past.

With supporters like Tom Oberheim on our side, we can introduce young people by the tens of thousands to what inspired Tom, Bob, and all our work: the science of sound, and how the engineering principles that inspired Tom Oberheim, Bob Moog, and others can be an experiential part of learning to think and act critically.

Contributions from our "Captains of Industry" supporter program fuel us for a three-year period, allowing us to expand our three major projects:

  • Dr. Bob's SoundSchool
  • the Bob Moog Foundation Archives
  • and the Moogseum


Dr. Bob's SoundSchool currently reaches 3,000 students annually, with 25,000 grads over the last nine years, stimulating critical thinking and inspiring future professional endeavors in science, music, technology, and engineering.

There are still seats at the table for those who want to join the three-year mission that is our Captains of Industry program.

Michelle Moog-Koussa, Bob Moog Foundation Executive Director, remarked, "we are deeply honored to have Tom Oberheim join fellow synthesizer and music technology luminaries Ernst Nathorst-Böös, Marcus Ryle, 8Dio, Gerhard Behles, Chris Halaby, Daniel Haver, iZotope, Christoph Kemper, Ray Kurzweil, Spectrasonics, Larry Thomas, Universal Audio, John Worthington, and Hans Zimmer/Remote Control Productions in supporting the important work of the Bob Moog Foundation through our Captains of Industry campaign. Their support inspires us, bolsters our projects, and sustains our work during an unpredictable time."

As COVID's impacts continue to affect funding and education efforts, supporting the Bob Moog Foundation at any level also helps us expand and steward our historic archive of instruments, memorabilia, schematics, interactive exhibits, and more housed in Asheville's Moogseum, open to the public.

To learn more about how you or your business can participate in the Bob Moog Foundation's Captains of Industry program, please contact   

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