GForce Software Release Oberheim SEM For Tom's Birthday

US Single voice, old school in collaboration with Oberheim      07/07/22

To coincide with Tom OberhIem's birthday,  which is today - Tom is a mere 86 years old. GForce Software have released the Oberheim SEM - with full cooperation from Tom Oberheim and long time friend and developer Marcus Ryle.

Its unusually  a single voice (monophonic only) Plug-in/standalone instrument with the intent of capturing the authentic essence of the original SEM module. 

When we first worked with Tom Oberheim and Marcus Ryle (an Oberheim engineer during the 80s) to create the GForce Oberheim OB-E® v2, they felt that there were no software emulations of the SEM that accurately recreated the sound and the ethos of the original monophonic SEM. We decided to change that, and under the close guidance of Tom and Marcus, we developed the GForce Oberheim SEM to ensure an experience that is truly authentic to the original instrument.

Its available now priced at £29.99 (+VAT) introductory offer.

We spoke to chief sound designer of the SEM project - Tom Wolfe about the instrument and then Nick took a listen and made a few patches too (available to our patreon supporters)

Available now:

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