New Novation Bass Station II Patches

US Neural Patches releases Emerge pack of 100 patches      14/06/22

Neural Patches has released Emerge, a preset pack for the Bass Station II containing 100 patches. They say that the patch collection includes Retro & Modern Synths, Basses, Lush Pads, Leads, Arpeggios, Brass, Organs and many more.

Leonardo Matos (Neuromancer), NeuralPatches team, told us, "This pack is the result of one year of tweaking and experimentation with the Bass Station II. The patches in this pack are a very impressive collection, focused on lead and bass sounds with close attention to detail that go over the array of features in the Bass Station II. When working on Emerge for the Bass Station II we mainly focused on the main role the Bass Station II plays in our rigs, bass and leads. We really enjoyed taking advantage of the amazing 'Classic' filter designed by Chris Huggett and Oscar fame, brought in from the original Bass Station. The sub-oscilator on this synth is refreshingly warm, we couldn't believe what we were getting for the price paid. With this pack we enable your Bass Station II to shine on the bass or lead sections of your projects, while also providing you several other types of patches you can use or expand upon to really captivate your audience".

Pricing and Availability:
Emerge is currently available for $19.99 as a limited time offer (Regular price $24.99).

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