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US K-Devices releases LFOH! AUv3 plug-in      08/06/22

K-Devices has released LFOH! which they describe as an audio/MIDI modulator plugin as AUv3 for iOS. This is what they have to say about it...

The flagship LFO from Modulators 21 Max For Live suite finally debuts on iOS. LFOH! enhances the possibilities of the classic cycling envelope by adding control over a set of advanced and unique features.

LFOH! is both an audio and a MIDI modulator: while is capable to send its modulation signal out as MIDI CC (according to the MIDI routing flexibility of the app that hosts it), it can also modulate the amplitude of incoming audio.

LFOH! is a single oscillator LFO with a set of continuously morphable and selectable waveforms that represents the core of its modulation signal. Apart from the classic frequency and phase parameters, the waveform can also be shaped by swinging its cycles, bending its curve, squeezing portions of oscillation in the same period of time; it can be scaled and transformed while exceeding its boundaries. An additional sample and hold circuit provides quantization for the resulting signal.


  • 5 continuously morphable and selectable waveforms (sine, ramp down, triangle, ramp up, square) + noise.
  • a multitude of parameters to sculpt the modulator signal: phase, swing, bend, squeeze, transform (wrap, fold, clip), sample and hold, smooth
  • MIDI only: scale, set channel and CC
  • audio only: modulation amount
  • dark/light skin
  • MIDI CC modulation depends on MIDI routing flexibility of host app: a YouTube playlist covers MIDI settings with some popular AUv3 host apps like AUM, Drambo, etc (more videos soon).


  • Available as AUv3 plugin for iOS
  • iOS 9.3 or later
  • an AUv3 app host like AUM, Drambo, Cubasis, etc

Pricing and Availability:

Launch price at the app store until June 30: 1,99 EUR / 1.99 USD (regular price: 3,99 EUR / 3.99 USD )

More information:


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