Superbooth 22: U-he - Prototype Envelope And Cascade Filter

US A very early preview of the upcoming filter and Envelope modules      13/05/22

Barely a week old, the prototype U-he envelope is capable of unique envelopes and modulation duties, while the filter is capable of some meaty distortion.

Sebastian talked us through the, as yet unnamed envelope which is actually 3 envelopes: an A, D, Break Point, Slope, S, R envelope reminiscent of synths of the 80s, an A, Hold, R envelope and an A, R envelope. These can all work together producing complex and unusual envelopes. All the faders are CV modulated and the envelopes can be re-triggered turning them into modulation or audio sources.

The filter module is an unusual design using 2 quad VCAs which allow for some extreme filter overdrive.

Price, availability TBC

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