RCA Type 44 Ribbon Mic Revisited

US Cloud Microphones introduces the 44 Passive Ribbon Mic      22/04/22

Cloud Microphones, makers of the Cloudlifter Mic Activator, tells us that they have expanded their microphone line with a new passive version of their popular model 44-A, resurrecting the sound and spirit of the iconic RCA Type 44 ribbon mic. They say that the ribbon motor design remains true to the original 44, handcrafted to the exact specifications first prescribed in the 1930s by RCA; however, everything else has been upgraded using state of the art materials, manufacturing processes and technology. The company believes that, featuring an all-black "midnight" finish, the new passive Cloud 44 faithfully channels the sought-after personality and heritage from the past while incorporating all the robustness and clarity required for today's most demanding recording tasks.
Rodger Cloud, the company's founder, told us, "I'm a ribbon mic fanatic, so this represents a major labor of love for me. You wouldn't believe the number of times we've been asked to offer a passive version of our flagship 44-A over the past few years, so we couldn't be more excited to introduce this latest addition to our family".

Each Cloud 44 ships with its own Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator in a matching "midnight edition" black finish, providing the option of instantly converting the 44 to an active ribbon whenever desired. A shock mount is also included.

Pricing and Availability:
The Cloud 44 will sell for $1499 MAP (USD), and is available immediately through authorized Cloud dealers everywhere.

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