NAMM 2023: Cloud Microphones - Cloudlifter CL-X

US New Cloudlifter for heavier clouds      14/04/23

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Dave Bryce from Cloud Microphones unveiled their latest product at NAMM 2023, the CLX, which offers two separate gain settings of 12 dB and 36 dB. The device features an onboard custom design transformer and is known for its clean sound quality until you lean into it, which produces some nice saturation and a little bit of harmonic content. This device can be used in conjunction with a regular cloud lifter, allowing users to choose between 12 dB to 26 dB and 36 dB allowing everything from a 12 dB with an SM57 on a snare to a 36 dB for really quiet ASMR sources.

For more information about Cloud Microphones and their products, check out their website.

CLX Price: 229 USD

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