NAMM 22: Cloud Microphones 44-A Ribbon

US The classic RCA pattern now in true passive mode      05/06/22

Cloud Microphones - make popular microphone impedance and gain matching boxes to enable less compatible ribbon mics (which generally need more gain) to be more, er compatible and be used with mic amps that dont have as much gain - for instance ribbon mics.

Also new is the new passive version of their popular model 44-A, which takes the sound and spirit of the iconic RCA Type 44 ribbon mic. The ribbon motor design remains true to the original 44, handcrafted to the exact specifications first prescribed in the 1930s by RCA. 

However, everything else has been upgraded using state of the art materials, manufacturing processes and technology. Featuring a gorgeous all-black "midnight" finish, the new passive Cloud 44 faithfully channels the sought-after personality and heritage from the past while incorporating all the robustness and clarity required for today's most demanding recording tasks. 
The 44-A also comes bundled with the Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator also in black to convert the 44-A into an "active' ribbon mic when required.

$1499 MAP

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