Archives - NAMM 2003 - Moog, Dave Smith, Open Labs, Doepfer

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Archives - NAMM 2003  - Moog, Dave Smith, Open Labs, Doepfer

NAMM 2003 was one of the first shows we went to with video cameras (our first visit we think was 2000). In finding these old files we were reminded of how difficult it was to publish video swiftly back then. 
Ah, the memories...
We recorded to tape, which had to be digitized (in real time), then we crunched it down to small proxy files and uploaded to our UK servers. Then one of our producers: Simon Power  (thanks Simon!) would edit and upload while we slept to postage stamp sized Real Media files. (remember that?). It was a complex workflow and fairly often that meant finishing work at 2 or 3AM. But back then people were amazed that their videos might be online by the next day. 

We've been excavating our archives and found some of the original files which we've now uploaded to our Sonicstate Extra channel. We will be uploading more of these. Obviously some are of limited resolution and leave a little to be desired in production value, but hey, we figured it out eventually: this was almost 20 years ago!

First up here's a little B-Roll - back when we thought we would use it ;-)


Bob Moog himself introducing the Moog Voyager:

Scott Tibbs and the Fantom S

Rupert Neve on the Taylor Guitar Expression System

Openlabs NEKO when it was first shown downstairs

Roland VariOS - which was a groundbreaking piece of kit that never quite took off

The inimitable Herr Schneider and the Superbooth

A classic pitch on the Creative Prodikeys

Dave Smith and the Evolver

Dr Doepfer and the Modules of the day



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