Synthesizers As Art

US From oil paintings to redesigns and miniature models      17/02/22

Synthesizers As Art

Having taken a look at synth cakes, it's fitting that Roland have recently published an article on synthesizers as art. There are numerous examples in their blog post of digital illustrations, oil paintings, models and redesigns which all take inspiration from synthesizers. A world of incredible pieces of art await you in this realm, and I'm not just taking about synth cakes! 

We covered the Pacman synth by Love Hulten last year - he's featured in the article for his stunning synth redesigns. 

Watercolour artist Lucy Eldridge has painted some gorgeous examples of the OP-1 and others as seen on her website


We also covered the miniature synths by Audio Relics not too long ago. As well as the miniature synths made by Ronaldo from Brasil, which are shown within the Roland article. Incredible!

It appears you can get some of the artwork by Nicola Dudich of CrazyOilArts by buying some of BoBeats merch:

There must be thousands of artists who've taken inspiration from our beloved twiddle boxes. Admire the skills, attention to detail, and craftsmanship in the full Roland blog post here:

Have you painted any synth art? Do you know of any more examples of synth inspired art?


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