Synth Cakes

GB Amusing trend for edible artisan synths      16/02/22

Synth Cakes

Do you like synths? And do you like Cakes? Chances are if you've said yes to both of those then you'll love Synth Cakes! Over the years this trend has developed into an obsession for some - with some absolutely astounding examples of classic synths in victoria sponge form.

Korg reported on this stunning MS-20 cake, made by Ivan's Cakes in 2020. 

Matrix Synth blogged about this brilliant Monotron cake: 

Here's a stunning Roland Jupiter Cake from York Cake Company:

There's something about Korgs - this Mono/Poly was found on Gearspace:

And finally, a personal favourite of mine, for ingenuity alone - is this Roland Sh101 from Synth Widows which utilises Rolos for knobs and Kit-Kats for black keys. Absolute GENIUS! 


This is just the tip of the! Discover more synth cakes on Twitter and on Google. MatrixSynth is also a great source for Coffee & Walnut Waldorfs.

Have you ever had a synth cake? What are the best examples you've seen? 


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