Orchestral Brass Library For Kontakt Player

US Soundiron releases Hyperion Brass Micro      13/01/22

Soundiron tells us that Hyperion Brass Micro is their introductory orchestral brass library built for the free Kontakt Player, Komplete Kontrol and S-Series Keyboards. A spokesperson told us, "This deeply sampled chamber brass ensemble library is the perfect starter pack for musicians and songwriters just getting into orchestral writing, as well as seasoned composers looking to add some fresh colors to their orchestral palette."

Hyperion Brass Micro includes 5 master presets for 6 Trumpets, 4 Tenor Trombones, 4 French Horns, 3 Tubas, and Ensemble. Each preset includes a broad selection of fundamental articulations, each with their own range of customizable real-time performance options, key-switch and mapping options and performance tools. It's built for the free Kontakt 6 Player (version 6.2.2 +) and NKS hardware.
Pricing and Availability:
On sale for $39 (MSRP $49) until January 26th.

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