First Plug-In For LANDR's All Access Pass

US Synchro Arts' VocAlign Project 5 is added      16/12/21

LANDR, the creator platform bridging everything from DAW to DSP, tells us that they are unlocking even more value for artists and producers without raising subscription prices, adding the first plug-in to LANDR All Access Pass. They say that Synchro Arts' VocAlign Project 5, the first of many plug-ins LANDR will release to All Access Pass subscribers, creates just the right level of alignment between multiple tracks.

LANDR CEO Pascal Pilon, said, "We're offering more and more options for creators at every point in their workflow. VocAlign Project 5 tackles a problem that music makers of all styles and at all levels have to solve. It's the kind of product we know makes a difference in production and that truly enhances the value of the all-in-one platform we're building."

LANDR All Access Pass subscribers can tap into a growing number of tools and instruments to supercharge their DAWs and crank up their creativity, including plug-ins, the just-launched Chromatic, and samples. These creative tools join LANDR collaboration, mastering, and distribution services at the same monthly price ($9.99/mo).

VocAlign Project 5 will be the first of many plug-ins LANDR plans to welcome to its All Access Pass, including plug-ins built in house, as well as in partnership with leading makers. The VocAlign Project 5 plug-in is designed to make vocal production easier. It takes separate vocal performances like doubles or harmonies and effortlessly aligns their timing to a lead in seconds, potentially saving hours of valuable time.

"For years VocAlign has been a secret weapon for top producers and engineers," notes Daniel Rowland, Oscar-winning and GRAMMY-nominated producer and engineer and Head of Production at LANDR. "In just a few clicks you can get tight, professional sounding vocals that would otherwise take hours of editing."

LANDR plans to keep expanding the offerings included in All Access Pass. "Our vision is to turn All Access Pass into a single, easy-to-use hub for production, where everyone can get their projects finished, polished, and out into the world," says Pilon. "Our carefully curated plug-in collection will grow substantially in 2022, making an All Access Pass subscription a no-brainer for artists and producers who need their tools to deliver."

Founded in 2014, LANDR is a platform where music makers can create, master, and distribute their music. Powered by a passionate team of engineers, producers, and musicians, LANDR continues their groundbreaking work at the intersection of music and technology, combining the broadest set of tools and services in the industry under one platform to support both emerging and professional creators.

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