Podcast: Sonic TALK 694 - F-F-F-Faders

VCVRack 2, 5 Modern Poly Synths, Faderboard      09/12/21

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71:44 mins


  • Rich Hilton - Nile Rodgers Studio guy, keyboards for Chic
  • Ty Unwin- media composer, producer, orchestrator
  • Jamie Lidell - musician, singer, podcaster, producer

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Around an hour of original songs and instrumentals showcasing the talents of some of our contributors. Fantastic value.

00:08:20 Alex Ball 5 Modern Poly synths
00:19:46 Arturia 50% Black Friday Deals
00:20:20 VCVrack 2
00:33:23 PLL Organ 60 Italian Organ Synth
00:41:20 iZotope Music Producers Club
00:43:12 Hainbach on the Vestax Fader Board
00:57:13 Jamie Pick: TouchOSC2
00:58:59 Ty Pick: UAD 3 Plugin Deal
01:01:36 Rich Pick: MOTU ultralite mk 5
01:04:41 Nick Pick: Auto Transcription

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