More Ways To Remove Musical Elements

Alternative stem separation tools for remixes      30/11/21

More Ways To Remove Musical Elements

A week or so ago we shared a video by James Wiltshire on magically removing Vocals, Drums and Bass from any track. In the subsequent time between that article and now, a couple of other options have been suggested which might be worth investigating: First of all we have Lalal, which offers 10 minutes of free processing per email address, and a cost of $10 for 90 minutes/2GB of audio. 

The second option is Rip-X, which I know has been around for a very long time - but seems to have kept up with the pack. It offers a suite designed specifically for this process and has many very credible endorsements. It's product range features 3 variations on the theme, Rip-X, DeepRemix and DeepAudio. 

It's also worth noting that a GitHub repository called Deezer/Spleeter has a range of pre-trained models, reportedly used by professional audio software including: 

  • iZotope in its Music Rebalance feature
  • SpectralLayers in its Unmix feature in SpectralLayers 7
  • Acon Digital within Acoustica 7
  • VirtualDJ in their stem isolation feature
  • Algoriddim in their NeuralMix and djayPRO app suite


So it appears there are many options to try out. Here are the links to all of the above:


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