The Microphone That Entertained The World

US The era-defining BBC-Marconi Type A Mic      24/11/21

The BBC will be celebrating it's 100th anniversary soon, and they've recently released this video on one of their most famous and iconic microphones: The Marconi Type-A. BBC sound engineer Joe Leates, with the help of singer Petula Clark, explores the legacy of a legendary microphone through which thousands spoke, and millions listened.

The Marconi Type-A ribbon microphone is bi-directional, allowing for sound sources to be heard from either side - ideal for conversations and all sorts of practical uses in broadcasting. The BBC produced their version of the RCA Type 44 Ribbon Microphone for 10% of it's retail price, and it was in production from 1934-59. 

It's a fascinating insight into an important part of BBC's broadcast history - with a diagrammatic animation showing how the mic is designed and operates near the end. 


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