New Sounds From SonalSystem

US A collection of endless tape loops plus presets for Newfangled Audio's Generate      24/11/21

SonalSystem tells us that they have released two new products, one of which is their most ambitious yet titled Sans Fin a collection of endless tape loops in multiple formats a la Cortini. The other is Nightfall, a new preset pack for version 1.3 of Newfangled Audio's Generate VST. They also tell us that they are having a Black Friday Sale where everything is off 40% thru Nov 29th. Here's the details that they have supplied...

Sans Fin vol 01

  • Available as Daw specific versions (Ableton, Logic Pro X, Studio One) which are presented in Sessions, a collection of wav files, or Morphagene Reels
  • 4 Track Format with 6 variations of each file
  • Not bound to any tempo (simply repeat one after the other for a seamless sound)
  • Offered as a Complete Bundle of 288 loops or 300 Morphagene Reels


Nightfall - Presets for Generate

  • Premium presets for Newfangled Audio's Generate
  • Emphasis on LoFi, ambient, cinematic, evolving sounds
  • Complex sounds designed to take advantage of Generate's unique capabilities
  • Categorized by type: Atmospheres, Drones, Pads, Soundscapes, and Textures
  • 55 Presets designed with expressiveness in mind  
  • Enhanced sound manipulation with MPE mappings


Pricing and Availability:

See website.

More information:


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