Eurorack Oscillator With Advanced Waveshaping

TEIA Synthesizers releases VastWave      19/11/21

TEIA Synthesizers describes VastWave as a complex analog Oscillator with advanced waveshaping capabilities that invites new textural and harmonic exploration beyond subtractive synthesis principles.


  •     Voltage controlled complex waveshaping.
  •     Triangle core.
  •     FM input with voltage controlled amplitude for FM amplitude modulation.
  •     On board linear Glide.
  •     Voltage controlled Pulse-width modulation for Pulse and Final Pls waveforms.
  •     Modern temperature and tuning stability.
  •     High Frequency (VCO) or Low Frequency (LFO) operation.
  •     External Timbre input with sine wave normalization if no external source is patched.
  •     Attenuator/inverter knobs on all voltage controlled inputs.
  •     Inverted or double Sawthooth waveform (selectable by jumper).

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