Podcast: Sonic TALK 688 - Clagnuts Be Gone (New Macbooks)

US Force 3.1, RC-505 MKII, Tascam 688      21/10/21


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SONIC 001 - an 18 Track Compilation Album from Sonicstate.com contributors available nowSonic 001 Album via Bandcamp. 
Around an hour of original songs and instrumentals showcasing the talents of some of our contributors. Fantastic value.

00:00:00 Intros and hellos
00:05:25 Tascam 688 Classic Porta  
00:13:54 Akai Force 3.1 Update
00:28:46 izotope.com https://izotope.com/sonictalk  
00:30:40 Boss RC-505 MKII https://www.boss.info/uk/products/rc-505mk2/  
00:42:15 New M1 Macbook Pros
00:59:19 Nick Pick 2: Midi Patchbay 
01:00:06 Nicks Pick: Zoom MS-70CDR  
01:00:50 Steve Pick: Modal Argon8  
01:05:45 Dom Pick:  Sweet Discreet  
01:07:00 Gaz Pick: Spectrasonics Sonic Extensions  


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