Vintage Akai Analog Synth Re-Imagined

US Martinic releases AX73 dual-layer synth plugin      08/10/21

Martinic has announced their latest software instrument, the AX73, which they describe as a component-modeled emulation of an 80s analog synth that flew under the radar. Enhancements include 24-voice polyphony, synth layering modes, an effects section and numerous additions, some inspired by the AX60 and AX80 synths. Here's the story in their own words...

This synthesizer plugin is an emulation of a six-voice analog synthesizer released in 1986. Martinic has used its ACE (Advanced Circuitry Emulation) Technology to painstakingly model the analog sound of the AX73, and bring it into the 21st century.

More than just a faithful recreation of the original AX73, Martinic's interpretation introduces plenty of modern features to the synth, and also borrows some of the best bits from other members of the AX family.

The AX73 has two layers – each with two analog VCOs, filter, LFOs, envelope generators and arpeggiator and more. There's also a dedicated eight unit effects section, blending options for the two layers and 600 presets designed by a list of well-respected sound designers representing the best of classic synth patch design and modern presets too.

The original AX73 was a sophisticated synthesizer designed to challenge the biggest names of its era, including digital synths and other 'all analog signal path' competitors. Released in 1986 at a time when DCO based synthesizers were taking over, the AX73 was designed using analog VCOs. Though this decision cost it in terms of popularity at the time, it resulted in a brilliant-sounding synthesizer that is just waiting to be rediscovered by a brand new generation of musicians.

The Martinic AX73 is an analog subtractive synth which boasts two layers, each with two voltage controlled oscillators. These layers can be split across the keyboard, or stacked, effectively giving a four-oscillator synthesizer. The original AX73 had six-voice polyphony but Martinic has increased that to up to 24 voices.

Each layer has a filter, a chorus, and modulation from four envelopes and four LFOs. The Martinic AX73 also houses two arpeggiators – one per layer. The original AX73 did not have an arpeggiator; this arp is actually modelled on that of the AX80.

Martinic has also added a comprehensive, eight-unit effects section. The effects section includes: Compressor, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Distortion and EQ. The effects can be arranged in any order using the FX Chain.

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