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1970s Electro-Mechanical Piano Re-Imagined
Martinic releases Pianet T

23-May-24    full story...

8-Unit Effect Rack Plug-In
Martinic's AXFX is based on the effects from their AX73 synth

30-Oct-23    full story...

Synth Created With AI
Martinic releases the free Doctor Mix AI Synth coded with the help of ChatGPT

01-Mar-23    full story...

Akai AX Synths' Chorus Revisited
Martinic releases the AX Chorus plug-in

15-Nov-22    full story...

Colorsound Tremolo Emulation
Martinic's Colorsound Tremolo plug-in offers two versions of the original pedal

03-Oct-22    full story...

Vintage Akai Analog Synth Re-Imagined
Martinic releases AX73 dual-layer synth plugin

08-Oct-21    full story...

Rare Monophonic Bass Synth Emulated
Martinic Kee Bass physically models the Rheem Kee Bass monophonic string bass simulator

04-Oct-19    full story...

Hammond Organ-Style Vibrato In A Plug-In
Martinic releases Scanner Vibrato for Mac and Windows

22-Apr-16    full story...

Vox Continental Emulated
Martinic releases the Combo Model V, a freeware virtual combo organ for Windows

04-Jun-10    full story...

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Website up - Modal app support back too

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Call To Help Tim Exile During Cancer Treatment 

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help during this challenging time.

5 Minutes With: The Waldorf M Wavetable Synthesizer 

Classic Waldorf Wavetable sounds and some