Focusrite Announces A Week Of Giveaways

'10 Years of Making Records' with Scarlett Interfaces celebrated      05/10/21

Focusrite Announces A Week Of Giveaways

Focusrite is kicking off a retrospective of its Scarlett range of USB audio interfaces, officially marking their 10th anniversary in fall 2021. This initiative will feature multiple media campaigns, giveaways and other events. First up is "10 Years of Making Records," a seven-day celebration of Scarlett starting October 4. Focusrite will be spending this week telling the story of Scarlett and running a different giveaway every day, engaging across social media, its brand site and online.  
The "10 Years of Making Records" daily giveaways involve products from Focusrite and other brands in the Focusrite Group including Novation and ADAM Audio, as well as several other premier pro audio and lifestyle brands. Each contest and its prizes will be live for 24 hours, starting on Oct. 4. For your chance to win, and for complete rules, visit starting October 4, 2021, and each day until October 10, 2021, and simply fill out the form to enter each daily contest.  

Here's Focusrite's own history of the Scarlett range...

In the past decade, Scarlett interfaces have found their way into both home and professional studios worldwide and have enabled millions of musicians, songwriters, and producers to record, mix, and play back audio in studio quality anywhere, any time, and are now hailed as the world's best-selling USB audio interfaces. Thanks to over four million users around the world, the high-quality audio offered by Scarlett has helped make more records than any other interface in history, and Focusrite has learned a lot in those ten years.  

The First Generation:
In 2011, Focusrite introduced the world to the Scarlett 2i2. Back then, the user experience with audio interfaces was generally very hit or miss (sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn't). For Focusrite, this wasn't good enough. So, they made it their mission to invest in technology that would enable them to make an interface that was consistently reliable and robust, allowing everyone – not just those with tech experience – to achieve great-sounding recordings. Listening to customers has always been key for the brand, and to this end, Focusrite asked Scarlett customers for their feedback and invested in Customer Support, channeling the information they gleaned from their customers back into the products' design. When Focusrite was producing the first iterations of Scarlett interfaces, they decided to build their designs from scratch rather than creating a system from simple parts they had on hand. They carefully chose the best components they could, in order to produce interfaces that would offer reliability and the best professional-level audio via USB. Between 2012-2014 the range expanded, offering interfaces to suit every creator. Focusrite introduced the 2i4, Scarlett Studio, 18i20, 6i6, 18i8, Scarlett Solo and Scarlett Solo Studio -- an interface for every recording situation. They also continued to refine their designs, adding more features that would benefit customers, making them sound great with minimum effort, but keeping them accessible.  

The Second Generation:
In 2016 the second generation of Scarlett interfaces was released, offering improved audio performance and the ability to record at a higher resolution of 192kHz. It also included the Pro Tools First | Focusrite Creative Pack, so that customers would have all the tools they needed to record in one package. In addition, the OctoPre and OctoPre Dynamic were added to the family.   

The Third Generation:
Since 2019, Scarlett's third generation has been available, with even more appeal for a wide range of artists. An Easy Start tool was added, making it even simpler to get recording -- and stay recording. In addition, there were a significant number of upgrades, including USB-C connectivity and audio improvements. Focusrite also introduced Air, an analog effect that offers a classic sound and adds another dimension to the superb level of recording already offered by Scarlett interfaces.  

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