Sonalsystem Releases Presets For 3 Synths

US ASM's Hydrasynth, Audio Damage's Continua and New Fangled Audio's Generate      14/09/21

Sonalsystem tells us that they have a new series of presets for 2 VSTis and 1 Hardware Synth. Sonalsystem Abyss offers presets for ASM's Hydrasynth, Audio Damage's Continua, and New Fangled Audio's Generate, all sold separately. This is what they have to say about Abyss...

Delve into the expanse with Abyss, our premium collection of larger than life sounds. Abyss has 64 new presets for the Hydrasynth, the incredibly powerful synthesizer by Ashun Sound Machine, 50 new presets for Audio Damage's Continua, and 60 new presets for New Fangled Audio's Generate*. These presets offer aeons of slow-moving space in which to form your next huge emotive masterpiece in sound or song..

Abyss is organized into a wide variety of categories: Sequences, Arps, Pads, Bass, etc. Each of these sets has a unique focus, but they all lead to immense places of echoing lostness, cavernous depths, and ethereal moods. Drones pull back the pensive drapes of darkwave, ominous and eerie. The sounds of Atmosphere stretch out in unreachable distances, launching you into unexpected worlds. Textures highlight the subtle and sublime details of intriguing and evolving scenes. Pads and Soundscapes capture the rapturous forces turning the slow moving gears of time.
Whether your sonic direction drifts out toward zero-gravity or descends into subterranean crypts, Abyss unveils the big spaces perfect for thought-provoking productions.

By utilizing these synths extensive modulation, abundant MPE mappings, and macro controls we were able to bring into being incredibly unique and complex sounds. The pads, drones, and textures progress naturally through rich stages of development with subtle modulation effecting a variety of different parameters. By adding your own personal touch, the atmospheres and soundscapes can be made to take on new dimensions.

Abyss is outfitted for MPE and pre-mapped for users with MPE capable controllers. This expressive feature gives you control over the development of each sound as it is played in real time. By "playing" each note, you control the time and expansion of an astral bloom or descent into the dark, giving you total freedom over the feel and direction of your piece.

Pricing and Availability:

Abyss for Hydrasynth - $24.99
Abyss for Continua - $19.99
Abyss for Generate - $19.99

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