Behringer Completes Their 2500 Series

US 2500 Series Mix-Sequencer Module 1050 is now available      10/09/21

Following on from the recent introduction of their 1027 CLOCKED SEQUENTIAL CONTROL MODULE, Behringer has introduced the 1050 MIX-SEQUENCER MODULE, completing our 2500 series based on ARP originals. This is what they have to say about it...       

An authentic reproduction of the historic circuitry, the 1050 module allows for sequential switching for rapid selection of waveforms and signals in a conventional audio signal format.

Fitted with dual 4-input mixers with electronically gated inputs, 8-step sequencer counter, and clock.

Each of the 8 audio inputs has its own attenuator and each dual output is fitted with a master gain control.

The 1050 can also be used as an 8-input mixer with 2 adjustable outputs or as 2 separate 4-input mixers.

The illuminated pushbuttons allow for selecting and indicating which inputs are gated.

The 1050 can either be clocked externally or internally controlled when connected to the 1027 CLOCKED SEQUENTIAL CONTROL MODULE.

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