Dreadbox Tease Nymphes Synth

US 6 voice poly? Fingers crossed      07/09/21

Dreadbox teased a new instrument ahead of Superbooth next week - yes we will be there and yes, we have an appointment with them.

From the teaser, we can tell much, but the rumours have been suggesting a 6 voice poly synth with voices based on the now discontinued Abyss. Which would be great of course, although that was paraphonic, this is possibly polyphonic. 

We wonder if there may be more in common with the Typhon. Honestly we don't know anything more but that would be pretty amazing.

As ever the key to any poly analog is the calibration, many have tried (and failed) to get this right, but as we know, the Dreadbox synths have a certain magic to them - we're big fans here.

Details will be announced on September 13th (next monday) but we'll be making a b-line for the Dreadbox booth at Superboooth when we arrive on Weds 15th.

You can keep an eye on the news and videos we post on our Superbooth 2021 page



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