XY StudioTools Introduces Song Sketch 2

US Introducing a new arrangement workflow in Ableton Live      03/09/21

On 8 September, XY StudioTools will release a new version of the arrangement tool Song Sketch for Ableton Live. They tell us that Song Sketch is a Max For Live plugin that makes it possible to quickly turn your song idea into a full length arrangement, by applying arrangement patterns to your music. Here's the details in their own words...

Song Sketch arrangement patterns are essentially simplified models of songs that can be used to create all sorts of musical pieces, all depending on how you like to use it and what musical material you have.

Song Sketch comes with more than 160 arrangement templates for 14 different genres and additional styles are available as add-ons. You can also import, edit and create your own arrangement patterns and save them as templates.

The Song Sketch workflow is designed to make it easy and inspirational to work with arrangement early in the process of making a song. Song Sketch gives you the flexibility to modify and apply arrangement patterns in different ways, making it possible to try out a number of alternative outcomes based on your music. You can also use Song Sketch to quickly set up a draft arrangement as a starting point for a track that you can continue to work on in the Live Arrangement View.

Read more about how we work with arrangement patterns on our blog

New in Song Sketch 2:

  • More templates. A total of 168 templates in 14 genres included and additional templates available in the shop.
  • Grouped tracks. Assign a group of tracks in the Live set to one part in the arrangement template.
  • More parts. Match your tracks or groups of tracks with up to 32 different parts in an arrangement.
  • Improved scene workflow. Easier to work with several different scenes in the arrangements.
  • Import arrangements from Live. Import existing Live sets into Song Sketch (in Live 11).
  • Increased flexibility. More settings for editing the song and the song sections.
  • Device view. Use the device directly in the "device view" in addition to the pop out window.


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