Next Generation Of TouchOSC

Wireless control app re-written from scratch      27/06/21

Next Generation Of TouchOSC

TouchOSC is a modular control surface with support for all major operating systems - including phones, tablets, desktops and more - and it's just had a major overhaul. TouchOSC supports sending and receiving any number of MIDI and OSC messages on numerous connections simultaneously - with a sleek and colourful aesthetic. They've supported and updated TouchOSC Mk1 for more than 10 years without charging for an upgrade, and they're planning to do the same for this new version.

Some of the features:

  • Many types of controls, shapes, options, sizes and colors. Round, triangular, hexagonal; any color plus alpha. Nested containers. Multi-line text with unicode support. You name it!
  • Built-in, powerful editor. Available on all platforms. Synchronized network editing and preview on many devices in real-time.
  • Runs on anything. Windows / macOS / Linux / iOS / Android / Intel / ARM / Apple silicon. All the chips and bits. Windows touch input.
  • Many MIDI messages, many connections. Send and receive with powerful routing options. Wired, wireless and virtual MIDI plus TouchOSC Bridge. OSC via UDP & TCP.
  • Fast and lightweight scripting engine for endless possibilities. Simple local messages for quick connections between controls - no coding required.


More information on their next-generation release here:



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