Barbieri Takes The Prophet 5 Rev 4 Back to the 80s

US the kind of sounds that I was making on the original circa 1981-1983...      24/03/21

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We just got a note from Richard Barbieri - the influential and brilliant keyboard player from Japan, Rain Tree Crow, Porcupine Tree and many other projects in between. His work on the seminal Tin Drum album is still an inspiration to many synthesists to this day.

Richard of course, has one of the new Sequential Prophet 5 Rev4 Desktop that was re-introduced recently, and has released this video which concentrates on:

Short piece using just the new Prophet 5 rev 4. I programmed the kind of sounds that I was making on the original circa 1981-1983 Just a little stereo delay used on a couple of sounds, otherwise no processing.

Richard also has a new album out for 2021  "Under a Spell" 

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