Oberheim Revives The Two Voice Synth

US TVS Pro Special Edition is coming later this year      04/03/21

Oberheim Revives The Two Voice Synth

A posting on the Oberheim website has revealed that, due to popular demand, Tom Oberheim is bringing back the TVS-Pro as a Special Edition in 2021. Although the last TVS-Pro was manufactured in 2018, interest in this synth has continued and each of the new Special Edition units will have the original "Oberheim" logo badge, plus Tom Oberheim's personal signature.

About the TVS Pro

Tom's favorite synth from the original Oberheim era is the Two Voice. After the rerelease of the SEM, he brought back the TVS with a number of additional features that made it a truly unique and versatile synthesizer. Sonically, the SEMs were the same as their individual reissue. However, they could be controlled by a velocity sensitive Fatar keyboard with after touch and/or a new and improved sequencer module. This module came a long way from the original Mini Sequencer: the new sequencer was a two channel, 16 step unit that could store multiple sequences and chain them into longer songs. It also had eighth, sixteenth, and triplet ratchet modes, as well as sample/hold. There were a whopping 56 patch points on the top panel in addition to six 1/4" jacks on the rear, as well as MIDI in, out, and thru. The SEMs could be split across the keyboard, played in unison, duophonically, and have the sequencer control either one or both. Bend box controls added pitch and mod wheels, as well as a global vibrato LFO and VCO 2 detune. Another addition to the influential SEM line, the TVS Pro marked a full-circle point for Tom and his timeless instruments.

Pricing and Availability:

Currently available for pre-order, with more information on delivery scheduling to be announced later this year.

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