Grab A Synth Giveaway

US IK Multimedia is giving away Hitmaker: Synthwave for SampleTank during March      02/03/21

Grab A Synth Giveaway

IK Multimedia tells us that they are giving away Hitmaker: Synthwave for SampleTank through March 31, 2021. Here's their press release with the details...

Hitmaker: Synthwave offers a retro-futuristic tribute to analog sounds with a sci-fi twist. 

With 1.4 GB of samples, Hitmaker: Synthwave includes throbbing bass synths, dominant synth leads, electrified analog drum kits, dystopian atmospheric pads, soaring synth strings, evolving synth arpeggios and robot android vocal chops.

Hitmaker: Synthwave works inside the absolutely free SampleTank 4 Custom Shop version, offering the features of IK's powerful SampleTank 4 sound and groove workstation and over 4 GB of fresh sounds to get started without any expense. SampleTank 4 works both as a multi-platform plug-in and a standalone application on its own.

Participants simply need to respond to a short survey on synthesizers to receive their complimentary copy of Hitmaker: Synthwave (worth $/€49.99), which will be added to their IK account. 

Using IK Product Manager, users should first install SampleTank 4 Custom Shop, if they don't already have SampleTank, and then Hitmaker: Synthwave.

To participate, log in/register at

Furthermore, everyone who participates receives a coupon for 15% off the pre-order price of the new UNO Synth Pro on the IK Multimedia web store.

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