Rupert Neve Dies At 94

Audio icon with a lifetime of brilliant work      13/02/21

Rupert Neve Dies At 94

Just in, news that Rupert Neve one of the true superstars of audio design and engineering as died. His mark on the sound of music and well, pretty much anything audio is undeniable, from classic and much sought after mixing consoles, mic preamps and EQ's, they are considered to be the pinnacle of audio excellence and musicality by many. Equipment that features in whish-lists of  many, the Neve sound has been a thing for decades.

Starting out, like many inquisitive minds, taking apart radios, he joined the UK army in the second World War in the Royal Signals, which provides communications support. Then on to  Redifusion and Fergusson, both UK TV and domestic radio companies he began to work with transformers which have such a bearing on the sound of any class A audio gear.

He started his first company CQ  making hi-fi amps and speaker, before an Irish composer commissioned him to make a mixing console in 1960. Then is 1961 he started Neve Electronics. After a period creating EQs Mic amps, he and his wife Evelyn, sold the company in 1975 and they employed 500 people world-wide.

He then  became interested in digital technology in 1977, and invented the first moving fader system, and continued to create and design in the audio field from his base in Texas, US until his death.

According to a statement, a full celebration of his remarkable life and achievements will take place when it is safe to do so.

He leaves behind a loving family, friends and many colleagues after a long and fruitful life.

Rupert Neve 1926-2021 RIP.




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