Subharmonic, Polyrhythmic Synthesis Toolkit For VCV Rack

US Slime Child Audio releases Substation      01/02/21

Subharmonic, Polyrhythmic Synthesis Toolkit For VCV Rack

Slime Child Audio has announced Substation for VCV Rack. They describe it as a collection of modules for VCV Rack designed to create a subharmonic, polyrhythmic synthesis toolkit. This is what they have to say about it...

Craft rich harmonic soundscapes, powerful chords, and evocative harmonies. Explore deep polyrhythmic patterns and melodies that evolve over time. Move from gentle analog saturation to unrelenting distortion. Carve out dynamic articulations ranging from percussive stabs and punchy leads to lush pads and fluid drones. You never know exactly what you're going to get with Substation. Unleash your creativity, and let the inspiration flow.

A Toolkit of Complementary Modules

Create complex, evolving patterns with the Polyrhythm Sequencer. The brains of Substation, this module combines four rhythm dividers in the routing grid to create to create deep patterns and grooves along three sequencer tracks. With Substation, rhythmic possibilities are endless.

Build shimmering subharmonic chords with a Sub-Oscillator. If the PolyRhythm Sequencer is the brains of Substation, the Sub-Oscillator is its heart. Three phase-distortion oscillators combine to build thick soundscapes, powerful chords, and earth-shattering bass.

Layer fat and juicy filtering with the LP4 Filter. Sculpt your sounds, emphasize harmonics, and pump up the resonance with this 4-pole low pass filter. Advanced circuit-simulation techniques emulate the character of a classic transistor ladder filter while staying light on CPU.

Tie them together with a suite of support modules: a Clock Generator for triggering and synchronizing other modules; a Quantizer with support for diatonic and chromatic scales using Just Intonation or Equal Temperament; a chainable Saturating Mixer that can add anything from gentle analog saturation to crushing distortion; dual AD Envelopes with a unique retriggering mechanism that creates even more poly-rhythm; and a slim VCA for shaping sounds.


  • Clock generator with sync and frequency multiplier
  • Three-track polyrhythm sequencer
    • Four clock dividers
    • Routing matrix with configurable logic
    • Adjustable range
  • Quantizer supporting just intonation or equal temperament
  • Voltage controlled oscillator with two subharmonic outputs
    • Primary oscillator plus two detuned subharmonic oscillators
    • Selectable waveforms: saw (with PWM), square, self-modulation
    • Phase-distortion synthesis
  • Chainable mixer with analog-emulated drive and saturation
  • Exponential attack-decay envelope generators with unique retriggering
  • Four-pole ladder lowpass filter
    • Non-linear response
    • Low CPU analog circuit emulation
    • Clean sine self-resonance
  • Linear voltage-controlled amplifier
  • Decorative blank panels


About Slime Child Audio

Slime Child Audio is a new audio tools company creating high-quality, finely-engineered synthesizers and audio effects. We strive to build polished, unique, and inventive tools that help musicians and sound designers do their best work. Slime Child Audio uses state-of-the-art DSP and circuit design techniques along with highly-optimized code and carefully-built user interfaces to ensure our products sound as incredible as possible at a low price.

Slime Child Audio is committed to supporting musicians, sound designers, and aspiring plugin creators no matter their budget. All of our products are sold at prices below industry standard, and we provide additional community support discounts when requested. We also pledge to release free, open source versions of our products within a year of their release.

Pricing and Availability:
Introductory price: $10 USD

More information:





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