Hand Made 808 Inspired Samples From Jamie Lidell And Jimmy Edgar

IN LIVING 808 constructed from analog      12/01/21

Hand Made 808 Inspired Samples From Jamie Lidell And Jimmy Edgar

A new sound pack is available on Splice Sounds created by Jamie Lidell and Jimmy Edgar - consisting of 90 Loops and 425 one shot samples. 

With Jamie Lidell's vintage and unusual sound processing and modular synth collection, and Jimmy Edgar's background in glitchy underground hip hop,  the pair were able to create a set of sounds inspired by  the TR-808 - imagining "a life unknown"

Jamie tells us:

It took months to make with 90% of the "808 style" sounds made from Scratch with no samples. All modular and processing. 

I went deep trying to replicate the Roland cymbals using 6 oscillators (mostly serge)  and a full on setup that included a lot of AMS, Marshall time modulator, tape work and huge amount of sifting to find the best sounds from a selection that ran to the thousands. It was a major effort.

The pack is available to Splice Sounds subscribers - who are currently offering a $7 discount for the first month.

More info (including audio demos): https://splice.com/sounds/splice/jamielidell-jimmyedgar


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