New App For The Music Industry

Cosound describe themselves as the world's first audio social network      27/11/20

New App For The Music Industry

The people behind Cosound have sent us this press release...

Breaking into the music industry has never been easy. Even with endless talent, unwavering persistence or a spot on a highly rated TV show, record deals are almost impossible to come by, and jobs in the industry are equally as scarce. So without a deal, how can you get your music out there? How do you find the right people to get your career off the ground?

Cosound is a groundbreaking new app for the music industry. Described as the world's first "audio social network", Cosound has been designed to disrupt the independent music space, a growing $10bn market. Giving musicians, industry professionals and music businesses everything they need to succeed in the industry without a record label.
Based in Bristol (UK), the team behind the app secured a pre-seed round of funding from seasoned tech investors and were named as one of Virgin's Startups of the year in 2019. Having hit the market in early 2020, the social network now boasts thousands of active members from across the world and are excited to be planning new products and features for the year ahead.

"Too often, the inexperienced are exploited and success depends more on luck than talent. That doesn't seem right to us. We believe everyone deserves a chance to develop and showcase their talent. Cosound has been designed to provide a simple but stylish peer-to-peer experience with no middleman, where talent and services can be directly exchanged, shared and bought, whatever the musical genre", said Ben Rees, founder and CEO.

Like most sectors, 2020 has been a particularly challenging year for the music industry, with the pressures of the global pandemic hitting the live sector particularly hard. With musicians struggling more than ever, and government support failing to reach the most vulnerable within the industry, the UK chancellor advised that music makers "strongly consider retraining for another profession".

Ben added, "We want to make a career in the music industry more viable by enabling users to generate income from all their skills. It might be a session guitarist who's also a web designer, or an accountant who manages artists. With a multi-layered profile, it all counts, and users can set up as many revenue streams as they need. We want Cosound to empower users to get tooled up, skilled up and ready for business so that they are always in control of their own career".

As a totally digital community built for musicians, industry professionals and businesses the social network has been built with a range of audio & marketplace features. "We really wanted Cosound to be the go-to app for anyone wanting to build a career in the industry and didn't want it to be "just another social network", that's why our team have focussed on building tools specifically designed for audio sharing and remote collaboration", added Ben.

Behind Cosound, is an experienced team of software developers, product leaders, entrepreneurs and musicians who have worked on other projects which have already ignited artists' careers with a "beyond the label" approach. Cosound offers its users a social collaborative space, peer-to-peer marketplace, ongoing artist and career development and a complete music industry talent and services network. Later this month Cosound are launching a new podcast for the music industry with a string of high profile names already signed up and a special week of episodes focusing on artist development, promotion, education, management and legal already recorded.

Summing up the platform, Ben added, "We're the only wholly peer-to-peer platform in the independent music market with this powerful 360-degree offer, and the technical capability to deliver it. With Spotify's recent confirmation to quadruple the volume of music it distributes in the next 18 months; we believe the opportunity is here and the future for independent artists is very bright"

Pricing and Availability:
Cosound is available to download now from wherever you get your apps.

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