130 Sounds From A Single Preset

Mother Source HALion-based synth offers 26,000 different sounds from 200 presets      19/11/20

Miclop tells us that their Mother Source concept is based on the exchange of Sources on the included presets, these sources are designed to generate a new sound on the same preset.
A spokesperson told us, "Imagine that we have a bass preset with a short Decay and a devastating distortion. Now, just by changing the source, we will obtain a new sound that, maybe, we like more or that maybe it adapts better to what we are looking for, so a single bass preset generates more than 130 different basses in a blink of an eye. High sound quality will always be our top priority and has been taken care of throughout the process of sampling different renowned synthesizers both analog and digital.  200 presets and 130 sources will generate 26,000 different sounds and that with just a single layer, if we also activate a second layer the possibilities soar."

Pricing and Availability:
Introductory price: 49 € (Regular price: 69 €)

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