Kebu Shows Off His Roland Synth Collection

At least some of them, this is Part 1..      16/11/20

Finnish synth lord Kebu opens up his new studio to show off his collection of Roland synths (he's a Roland artist). In part 1 - I mean we know he has a lot of synths:

Kebu shows off his Roland synth collection. In this part, Kebu presents his VP-330, RS-09, SH-2000, Juno-60, JX-8P and JUPITER-X. In the end of the video, Kebu gives a jam demonstrating how to integrate modern Roland synths with vintage ones.

We look forward to more of these. While he is unable to tour it seems an eminently sensible that he goes online - he is well known for his live shows that feature a large collection of vintage instruments. We spoke to him at the Roland JupiterX launch at Abbey Road last year:


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