Montage And MODX In Deep With Series Of Live Streams

US Overview, practical use and more      06/10/20

Montage And MODX In Deep With Series Of Live Streams

Yamaha are continuing their schedule of live streamed events in multiple languages. Recently they covered the new CP (73, 88) Osv 1.4 with a series of streams.
 Tonight (October 6th - from 6pm CEST)  a new series begins focussing on the MODX and Montage which are both deep instruments with a comprehensive fset of features. Tonight starts with an overview of the Montage and MODX effects, covering: Number of effects, System vs. Insert, SSS, Routing

Begining at 6p, CEST (european time) in German, then 7pm in Spanish and finally at 10pm with Blake Angelos from Yamaha US.

Further events are scheduled:

  • October 13th -Practical effects usage, tempo delays, compressors
  • October 20th Effects as a synth engine: VCM Mini filter, Wavefolder, Spiralizer, Beat Repeat
  • October 27th - Vocoder, Envelope Follower, Audio Beat Sync, processing external gear

Keep an eye on the Yamaha Synths Youtube Channel and Facebook page for the full details


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