Akai Announce Major Update To FORCE

US Firmware 3.0.5 brings substantial functionality and feature changes      06/10/20

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Akai Professional has announced the arrival of the highly anticipated update to FORCE, firmware 3.0.5. They say that, since its launch, FORCE has reimagined the possibilities of the standalone workflow, delivering a versatile, untethered clip-launching music production experience. With this free update, users are empowered with a new set of tools for the most intuitive creative process from song creation to completion.

Senior product manager Dan Gill told us, "From the outset, FORCE was created to deliver a new perspective and approach to our standalone technology. With this update we wanted to equip users with a completely reimagined set of tools to enhance this experience further. More importantly, we wanted to solidify the creative experience on FORCE by ensuring users can start, adapt and complete the most elaborate performances and compositions."

Here's the details direct from Akai Pro...

Standalone Power, Start to Finish
Welcome to a new era in FORCE with the premiere of the Arranger. Impromptu jams and song sketches can now be finalised into completed compositions with fast and simple recording of your clips. Navigate quickly with the effortless graphical user interface menus that make quick editing and revising possible with just a few gestures on the touch screen. Not sure of the arrangement you've recorded? Launch clips against your linear arrangement until you've assembled the perfect piece. When your song is exactly how you want it, export it to a final stereo master featuring processing from the onboard effects or as separate audio tracks.

Grab Your Devices and Get Connected
FORCE is a formidable performer complete with CV/Gate, MIDI Din and USB 3.0 ports. Now with MIDI Multi, enjoy unprecedented control of MIDI tracks. Users have independent control of MIDI tracks for up to 32 devices via USB. Connect your class-compliant USB MIDI hub and immediately access your favourite synths, modules, MIDI-based effects and so much more. Easily modify MIDI device names, layer MIDI tracks and set device behavior with Track and Master settings. Whether in the studio or on the stage, even the most complex setups can be achieved with versatile routing and efficient labeling and categorising.

Refined Workflow, Increased Performance
The key to unleashing your greatest creative potential lies in an uninhibited process. New features and workflows on FORCE bring users one step closer to having no boundaries between their creative mind and this musical tool. Simultaneously control multiple parameters with custom knob assignments to accurately dial in effects, processing or automation. Enjoy advanced 16-level functionality for pad performance dynamics for any style. Enhance your pad performances with real-time control of modulation, pitch bend and more. Create and save your custom effects racks, load to a track and control with macro knobs and visual feedback. More power right at the fingertips, giving users unprecedented creative control.

Ableton Live Integration
FORCE comes pre-mapped to control Ableton Live wirelessly or via an ethernet cable using Ableton Link. Enjoy the seamless flexibility to instantly switch FORCE between standalone operation and Live Control mode without ever stopping playback from either ecosystem. For the ultimate standalone experience, you can now bring your Ableton projects into FORCE for a workflow completely free of computer tethering usingthe new Ableton Live Project Import function.

FORCE Firmware 3.0.5 Highlights

  • Arranger mode for song finalization
  • MIDI Multi for expanded device connectivity
  • Macros - layered parameter assignments, effects, and automations
  • Assign control parameters to 64 pads, crossfader and touch UI
  • Advanced 16 levels for dynamic sample triggering
  • Ableton Live Project Import

Pricing and Availability:
FORCE update 3.0.5 will be available for free for all current users from 6th October, 2020. FORCE is currently available with a suggested retail price of £899.99.

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