Roland Releases Designer Series Patch Collection

US New ZEN-Core Sound Packs for July 2020 on Roland Cloud      08/07/20

Roland Releases Designer Series Patch Collection

Roland has announced  the new Designer Series Patch Collections for their Legendary series, ten all new ZEN-Core Sound Packs, and the release of the SH-101 Model Expansion. Here's the story in their own words...
The new "Designer Series" of patches for the JUNO-106, JV-1080, and SYSTEM-8 introduces even more ways to access Roland's Legendary instruments on Roland Cloud, kicking off with Norwegian sound designer Espen Kraft. Roland's latest ZEN-Core Sound Packs deliver everything from vintage analog to fresh hybrid tones, expanding the sounds of the FANTOM, JUPITER-X and JUPITER-Xm, MC GROOVEBOXES, RD-88, and ZENOLOGY. And Model Expansions for Roland Cloud transform ZENOLOGY into entirely different instruments with their own sonic personalities, features, and preset tones.
  • "Designer Series" Patch Collection: JV-1080 Signature Sound Set Don Solaris
  • "Designer Series" Patch Collection: JV-1080 Cinematic Cyber Punk Dual Shaman 
  • "Designer Series" Patch Collection: JV-1080 Wide Screen Ambient J. Scott
  • ZEN-Core Sound Pack: SDZ021 New Romantic
  • ZEN-Core Sound Pack: SDZ022 Keyboard Toolkit Vol.1
  •  Model Expansion: SH-101
  • "Designer Series" Patch Collection: System-8 Modern System Alin Dimitriu
  • ZEN-Core Sound Pack: SDZ023 Pangaea Heartbeat
  • ZEN-Core Sound Pack: SDZ024 Electro Zaps and Hits
  • ZEN-Core Sound Pack: SDZ025 Vapor Dance
  • ZEN-Core Sound Pack: SDZ026 Analog Pianos and Eps
  • ZEN-Core Sound Pack: SDZ027 Nu Sunset
  • ZEN-Core Sound Pack: SDZ028 Digital Leads
  • ZEN-Core Sound Pack: SDZ029 Shifting Visions
  • ZEN-Core Sound Pack: SDZ030 Hybrid Plucks
All new Model Expansions, Patch Collections, and ZEN-Core Sound Packs are offered with Roland Cloud Core, Ultimate and Pro memberships and can also be purchased individually as a Lifetime Key for $.99.
More information on Model Expansions and ZEN-Core Sound Packs can be found here on release, and more information on the new Sound Patch Collections can be found here

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