Modal Skulpt Adds MPE and More With Firmware 2.0

That and more for 4 voice digital desktop synth      07/07/20

Modal Skulpt Adds MPE and More With Firmware 2.0

Modal Electronics has announced Skulpt firmware 2.0 - it brings several new features to the 32 oscillator, four voice desktop synth.

  • MPE Support- which allows each note to be articulated individually for a more expressive performance and makes it compatible with MPE controllers such as the ROLI Seaboard Block and standalone with something like the Retrokits RK006
  • Sustain/Arp latch Mode - This function works like a classic arp hold that can also be used when the arpeggiator isn't engaged.
  • MIDI in Offset  - keyboard octave setting can now affect the live MIDI in transpose
  • Global Tune

There are also other fixes and tweaks. Firmware 2.0 is available for download via the MODAL site - its free:

Here's our review:


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