128 Sequential Pro 3 Patches

CreativeSpiral releases Fundamentals sound sets      25/06/20

CreativeSpiral has released two custom designed sound sets comprising of 128 patches for the Sequential Pro 3 synthesizer. This is what they say about them...

There are many patches inspired by famous songs in this set, including artists like Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Rush, Journey, Boards of Canada, Parliament Funkadelic, Nena, Nine Inch Nails, Queen, The Cars, and more.

In the video demo, a total of sixty three patches are shown. There is also another sixty five more patches included in the combined two sets that are not shown in this demo.

Fundamentals Set 1:
Basses, Leads, and Synth Classics (64 patches)
There is a total of 26 Bass Patches, 22 Lead Patches, and 16 Classic Synth Patches in Set 1.    The patch prefixes indicate their intended primary usage, however, most of the basses can double as lead tones, and vice versa - most leads in this set make great sounding basses.   I've done my best to optimize patches to sound great up and down the keybed.

Fundamentals Set 2:
Strings, Brass, Keys, Plucks, Organs and Paraphonic Sounds (64 patches)
There is a total of 9 Brass Patches, 6 String Patches, 13 Key/Pluck Patches, 8 Piano and Organ Patches, and 25 Paraphonic Patches in Set 2.   Lots of great plucks and synth staples, plus the twenty five paraphonic patches give you a ton of harmonic possibilities to explore.   The Pro 3 paraphonic mode is very cool, and can provide unique harmony sounds different than polyphonic synths.

Pricing and Availability:
$20 each or $35 for both sets together.

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