Roland Releases Zenbeats 1.2 Update

US App now offers full Bluetooth MIDI integration for mobile devices and other enhancements      15/05/20

Roland has announced the release of Zenbeats 1.2, the latest update for its music creation app that runs cross-platform and is free to access on Android, ChromeOS, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices. With this update, Zenbeats now offers full Bluetooth MIDI integration for mobile devices, as well as several other enhancements to Zenbeats' evolving platform. Here's the details direct from Roland...

Users on Android and iOS can now utilize any Bluetooth-supported MIDI device while using the application, allowing for complete cable-free composing and track building. Also, Zenbeats 1.2 includes Zenbeats MultiVerb, a brand-new effect featuring multiple halls, rooms, and plate reverb effects, which bring dimension and depth to a track.
Additional Zenbeats 1.2 features:

  • Roland Cloud integration allows paid Roland Cloud members and Roland Account holders to use instruments--including ZENOLOGY--with no purchase required.
  • Three new sound packs for Ultimate owners: Tone Ringer's electric pianos, atmospheric sounds in Ambient Dreamscaper 2, and Indie Drums' new rock drum kits.
  • MIDI effect routing to record output, and MIDI output support for Android.
  • Plug & Play functionality for Android with Roland A-88MKII MIDI Keyboard Controller.
  • A new fader style for Mixer, gesture scrolling, Drum Machine optimizations, and plug-in browser organization.

Pricing Options:
Free: Enables anyone to get started immediately on their musical journey.
Unlock: Available at two price points: Android and ChromeOS, iOS (Currently Free Offer), or Windows and macOS ($49.99 USD). Unlock and access all in-app features, including eight instruments, 14 effects, plugins (VST/AU/AUv3 where supported), and additional store credits to add more content to a user's library.
Ultimate ($149.99 USD) is the apex for those looking to collect everything Roland Zenbeats has to offer. Unlock every platform for all Android, ChromeOS, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices. Ultimate also includes the Zenbeats StorePass, which provides instant access to 45 preset packs, 42 loop packs, and sounds currently available.

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