Superbooth 20HE: Supercritical Synthesizers Neutron Flux Filter

US A digitally controlled stereo eurorack filter that has some crazy features      26/04/20

Supercritical Synthesizers released their Demon Core Oscillator last year at Superbooth, so we were keen to catch up with them at this years Superbooth Home Edition to see their new stereo filter the Neutron Flux Filter. 

The Neutron Flux Filter is an analog, stereo, digitally controlled filter. It does not model but is can be adjusted to have the character of various vintage filters. In the future it will have user banks in which some more exotic filter responses can be uploaded to via audio files. The unit has a stereo in stereo out and or you can connect them in series and have a mono 8 pole filter. 

This is the first working prototype. Some visual and feature changes might happen still. All sound that is heard is directly from the Demon Core Oscillator through the Neutron Flux Filter raw. 

For more information check out Supercritical Synthesizers

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