Superbooth 20HE: Bastl Instruments MIDI Looper and Stereo Filter

US Vaclav takes us through the new pieces      25/04/20

Bastl Instruments are always working hard to bring something new to their booths at trade shows. However obviously this year we weren’t able to visit their booth so we caught up with them in a virtual booth to check out two new products, the tiny little MIDI Looper and a new stereo filter module. 

The MIDI Looper has 3 channels A, B and C that can take MIDI information in and loop this, this can be note data, and also CCs etc. Notes can be quantized, manipulated to be played back slower, or quicker using an in built time-stretch function. You can also transpose entire loops and use an analog clock to sync the MIDI Looper to your eurorack system. Although the system is not meant to be a sequencer you can store some loops on the device itself. 

We also took a look at a new prototype stereo filter module built in close collaboration with Casper electronics. 

For more information visit Bastl Instruments 

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