2 New TC Helicon Compact Audio Interfaces

US GO TWIN and GO SOLO are designed to make recording on-the-go easier than ever      24/04/20

2 New TC Helicon Compact Audio Interfaces

TC Helicon has announced two new compact audio interfaces which they say make professional quality recording to mobile devices or computers more accessible than ever. Here’s the details in their own words…

The engineers at TC Helicon designed the GO TWIN & GO SOLO with one purpose in mind: making capturing studio-quality audio as easy and portable as possible.

TC Helicon has been the industry leader for vocal and guitar effects for decades. One of the key features of their multi-effect products is their built in USB audio interfaces. The goal with the Go Twin & Go Solo was to take those convenient recording features and place them in a portable package.

Both interfaces offer unparalleled versatility with combo XLR/TS audio jacks, 5-pin midi in/out (with included adaptors) and the option to power them with two AA batteries or with an optional DC adaptor.

GO TWIN & GO SOLO have all the standard features that you’d expect on a pro-audio
interface, such as phantom power, midi in/out, 24-bit 48khz A/D conversion, metering and hardware gain control.

Both interfaces are compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. GO SOLO is a single audio input device with headphone output while GO TWIN adds another audio input, with a direct monitoring switch, headphone outputs and ¼” line audio outputs for those who need a more flexible recording solution.

GO SOLO & GO TWIN are the perfect tools for those looking to record vocals, guitars, keyboards, or any other instrument at home or in the wild.

Pricing and Availability:
GO SOLO: $129.99 USD
GO TWIN: $169.99 USD

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