Q-SONIC - A New Online Showcase Event

There may not be any shows - but we can still do this      24/03/20

Q-SONIC -  A New Online Showcase Event

As we all scramble to recalibrate around what is becoming a new normal; while we hunker down and protect ourselves and our loved ones from the COVID-19 bug, we’ve seen all events in the calendar disappearing, including our beloved Superbooth, plus Synthplex, Synth Reactor,  Ableton Loop and others. Like many of you we were gutted when this became impossible.

So, in an attempt to fill the void left by these canceled events, we’re aiming to run our own online showcase.

We’re calling it Q-SONIC - as in 'cue' the music/video/booth tour and Q for well, quarantine.

We’re aiming for April 24th-26th (ish) - though obviously we are going to have to be flexible given the fast changing nature of things.

Our aim is to work with as many manufacturers as possible to record remote “virtual booth visits”, interviews and perhaps some artists to live stream some music. Content will be released surrounding the projected dates via the Sonicstate.com Youtube channel, Facebook and any other media we can muster.

We’ll also aim to have some Sonic TALK panel discussion surrounding the news with our regular guests, plus a few surprises.

We encourage you all to come along, post your own stuff too. Just include the hashtag #q-sonic and we’ll all be able to enjoy a concentrated dollop of our favourite subject.

If you are interested in getting involved or shooting something with us, or yourself to be included in the event, please get in touch (sonicshows at sonic state [.] com )

Sooner the better, so we can start filming and getting things ready.

And of course, please all do stay safe, play safe, and let's help each other get through this as best we can.

All the best, from the Sonic Team.

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