Free Bass patches For Your Monologue

Set of 50 patches from URRRS covers most styles of electronic music      20/03/20

Free Bass patches For Your Monologue

Sebastian and Craig from the band URRRS in Vienna, Austria, have made 50 of their bass patches for the Korg Monologue available for all. Here's the statement that they sent us...

Hey guys, we wanted to share these 50 bass patches we made for the korg monologue. we have used many of these in our live sets and also in the studio. these are designed to be useful and to be ready to use in productions unlike most patches that try to show off what a synth can do. they cover most styles of electronic music and beyond with a couple of reproductions of famous synth bass tones. and of course there is a "nick's bass" patch in there as well :)

With most musicians stuck in quarantine, we feel we should try and give back to the community. as such, we have no download gate enabled, no email submission or other such marketing devices. free and ready to be used. nothing asked in return. it's the least we can do as our entire community is affected by this pandemic. here in Vienna the quarantine has come fast and shut down everything.

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