TC Electronic Introduces New Native Plugins

Icon Series Legacy Native debuts - hardware controllers are optional      28/02/20

TC Electronic tells us that the TC ICON series of hardware-controlled plugins have been adopted far and wide, and have graced awesome tracks and performances around the world but the hardware controllers are not for everyone and not for every case. So now they are releasing the first four of an entirely new family of native plugins with optional hardware controllers. A spokesperson told us, "You can have the legendary sound - with or without the desktop units, as you prefer."

TC tells us that the DVR 250 Native, TC 2290 Native, TC 8210 Native and TC 1210 Native are the first - and there are many more on their way.

Both bundle and individual plugins are 20% off for a limited time.

Pricing and Availability:

  • DVR 250 NATIVE: $159 (reg. $199)
  • TC 2290 NATIVE: $159 (reg. $199)
  • TC 8210 NATIVE: $55 (reg. $69)
  • TC 1210 NATIVE: $79 (reg. $99)
  • Icon Series Legacy Native Bundle: $319 (reg. $399)


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